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Mediation versus Arbitration

Both mediation and arbitration allow for a hastened end to personal injury proceedings. However, these means of settling personal injury cases differ considerably. Mediation offers a non-binding solution, with the mediator providing an independent review of the case before convincing both parties to compromise. An informal approach marked by a distinctive spirit of cooperation, mediation usually proves successful. However, in some cases, arbitration is required as a binding alternative to mediation. In arbitration, the parties involved in a particular dispute agree to hand the matter over to a third-party arbitrator, who reviews the case and makes a final decision. This decision is legally binding, so it is not possible to secure an alternative outcome in court.

Benefits of Mediation and Arbitration

Although there are several significant differences between mediation and arbitration, the two approaches share many of the same benefits over courtroom proceedings. Mediation and arbitration allow all those involved to avoid the significant financial and professional risks associated with the traditional courtroom approach to personal injury litigation. Additionally, mediation and arbitration are far less expensive and time-consuming than taking cases to trial. The laid-back, informal nature of mediation greatly reduces the stress associated with court-based personal injury cases.

Victor D’Ammora: A Neutral and Knowledgeable Mediator and Arbitrator

Lucchese & D’Ammora, LLP is a respected mediation and arbitration law firm with a solid reputation throughout White Plains and the entire Westchester area. Victor D’Ammora possesses a thorough understanding of personal injury law, as well as considerable skill in the realm of mediation and arbitration. Clients greatly appreciate the consistent neutrality he exhibits. He prides himself on his ability to step back and take an impartial look at contentious personal injury matters. In cases involving mediation, he is able to get both parties to cooperate. The end result is a decision that benefits both parties and allows them to avoid risky and expensive courtroom proceedings.

If you are interested in pursuing mediation or arbitration, feel free to get in touch with Victor D’Ammora of Lucchese & D’Ammora, LLP.

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