Collection Litigation

Lucchese & D’Ammora, LLP offers representation for contractors and various construction professionals in payment and contract disputes. Additionally, the firm provides litigation services in cases of non-payment. Robert Lucchese and Victor D’Ammora boast an impressive understanding of the construction industry and the collections process; this combined knowledge allows them to maximize collection for accounts receivable, and to defend those who have wrongly been targeted for collection.

Types of Clients Regarding Collection Litigation Services

Robert Lucchese and Victor D’Ammora are willing to represent a wide array of clients dealing with contract disputes and non-payment. These include commercial suppliers, construction subcontractors, produce shippers, and suppliers for industrial construction projects. Regardless of the type of contractor or subcontractor relying on Robert Lucchese and Victor D’Ammora’s services, all clients can trust that Lucchese & D’Ammora, LLP will provide excellent legal counsel and representation. The firm has a wonderful reputation throughout the New York area, with numerous construction contractors and other businesses commending Robert Lucchese and Victor D’Ammora for their proactive legal service.

Common Legal Situations Involving Collection

The lawyers of Lucchese & D’Ammora, LLP offer collection litigation representation not only for a variety of clients, but also in several different types of collection cases. Situations requiring Robert Lucchese and Victor D’Ammora’s service may include arbitration judgments, court-based judgments, unpaid invoices, accounts receivable, enforcement of existing judgments, and business-to-business collections, among others. The specific circumstances surrounding these cases may vary significantly, but all clients dealing with collections matters require assistance from skilled lawyers who possess a thorough understanding of this complicated practice area. Robert Lucchese and Victor D’Ammora excel in this regard, as they understand both the intricacies of collection law and the practical considerations involved in a typical construction collection case.

Lucchese & D’Ammora, LLP: Aggressive Representation in Collection Litigation Cases

Whether your company’s goal is to collect money owed to you by others or to defend against unwarranted claims, your chances of securing a favorable case resolution will be far greater if you work with a law firm with a history of success. Robert Lucchese and Victor D’Ammora have worked extensively in collection litigation, placing a specific emphasis on commercial collections related to the construction industry. Their efforts have allowed numerous construction contractors, subcontractors, and other companies to resolve contentious contract disputes. Clients are continually impressed by their thorough understanding of the collection process, especially as it pertains to the construction industry.

If you require zealous litigation service from a knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyer, do not hesitate to get in touch with the talented attorneys of Lucchese & D’Ammora, LLP.

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