Victor J. D’Ammora

Victor J. D’Ammora is a personal injury attorney with an excellent reputation throughout the state of New York. During his time with Lucchese & D’Ammora, LLP, he has successfully resolved a vast array of complicated personal injury cases. He is the ultimate legal advocate to turn to in the midst of complex legal proceedings.

Education and Work Background

Long a passionate member of the New York community, Victor J. D’Ammora attended New York City’s Fordham University School of Law. Upon obtaining his Juris Doctor, he launched what would quickly become a successful and deeply rewarding legal career. For two decades, he has served the White Plains, New York community through the respected law firm Lucchese & D’Ammora, LLP. Additionally, he has served as an arbitrator and mediator for the Jansen Group.

Practice Areas

Although he possesses a thorough understanding of several areas of law, Victor J. D’Ammora primarily focuses on civil litigation and personal injury. An aggressive personal injury lawyer, he helps his clients obtain remuneration for negligence-based slip and fall incidents and car accidents. His efforts have allowed numerous clients achieve the sense of closure they need to move on with their lives. Additionally, he has helped the victims with whom he works obtain the compensation needed to cover extensive medical bills and other expenses associated with personal injury incidents.

Many of the litigation cases handled by Victor D’Ammora are resolved through arbitration or mediation. He was ranked as one of the New York Law Journal’s top ten mediators and arbitrators. When settling cases through alternative means, he uses his communication skills, legal knowledge and compassionate nature to help disagreeing parties achieve mutually beneficial arrangements.

Victor D’Ammora: High-Quality Litigation, Mediation, and Arbitration Services

Deeply familiar with all aspects of litigation law, Victor D’Ammora is equipped with the knowledge and background necessary to resolve a wide array of cases. He is willing to utilize a variety of approaches, including mediation, arbitration, or, if necessary, litigation. Regardless of the chosen approach, clients can rest assured, knowing that they will receive only the best representation when they work with Lucchese & D’Ammora, LLP.

If you are on the hunt for a knowledgeable attorney you can trust, feel free to reach out to Victor J. D’Ammora of Lucchese & D’Ammora, LLP. A respected attorney with a long history of success, Victor D’Ammora will take the steps necessarily to ensure that your case is resolved in a favorable manner.

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